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Peekskill Smokehouse Transitions to Thaimeless Thai, Embarks on a New Culinary Journey


PEEKSKILL, NY – 1/14/2024


After nearly two years of serving delectable Texas-style BBQ, Peekskill Smokehouse bids farewell to its smoke-filled days and embraces a new era of culinary exploration. The restaurant is excited to introduce "Thaimeless Thai," a venture focused on delivering authentic Thai dishes curated with artistic freedom.


Chef Nikki, the creative mind behind RameNesque, a beloved establishment operating in Peekskill for the past decade, will lead the kitchen team at Thaimeless Thai. With a passion for crafting diverse and flavorful experiences, Chef Nikki brings her expertise to this new venture, blending traditional Thai cuisine with innovative twists.


RameNesque, having undergone extensive renovations during the challenging COVID period, continues to thrive as a staple in Peekskill for a decade. Unfortunately, the economic downturn led to the closure of RameNesque Two in Thornwood. However, this setback has fueled the start of a new chapter, symbolized by the birth of Thaimeless Thai.


The soft opening phase is underway, lasting several weeks, during which the kitchen team undergoes retraining, and new members are welcomed into the Thaimeless Thai family. Expect to see a rotation of Thai dishes on the menu as the team fine-tunes its offerings to deliver an unparalleled fusion of quality, freshness, and adventurous flavors.


Throughout the soft opening, operational options such as Delivery, Online Take Out, and reservations will be limited. However, the restaurant plans to expand these services within a couple of weeks.


The owners, actively engaged in Peekskill for the past decade, express their love for the community and its people. With a history deeply rooted in Peekskill, Westchester, and the Hudson Valley, the owners believe in the power of open communication. They encourage locals to share their thoughts, as the concerns of the community are integral to shaping the services provided.


As a small business, RameNesque and Thaimeless Thai collectively employ 20 team members across two locations, with several team members having been part of the family for years. The owners extend their gratitude to the community for its continued support and look forward to sharing this exciting culinary journey with everyone.


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About Thaimeless Thai

Thaimeless Thai is a newly launched restaurant in Peekskill, NY, offering a unique blend of authentic Thai dishes with a creative touch. Led by Chef Nikki, the culinary team aims to provide a memorable dining experience by combining traditional flavors with innovative culinary techniques.


About RameNesque

RameNesque, operating for a decade in Peekskill, is known for its exceptional ramen dishes and has recently undergone extensive renovations to enhance the overall dining experience. The restaurant continues to be a local favorite, dedicated to serving quality food and fostering a sense of community.


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